Saturday, May 7

NSD Tip or Technique #3

Include yourself in your scrapbooks. These are two layouts that were actually from an old, old kit (2006 to be exact). The idea was to make a type of collage that included different elements that described yourself.
 And this layout was made up using labels that represented some of my favorite things.
This collage idea can easily be adapted to any of your scrapbooks and is a different way to describe yourself. It's also a lot of fun! Try it.


  1. Sheila,
    This brings back memories! I loved this album we did together, and had forgotten about it until your post. Have a "scrappy" NSD day!!
    Love ya sister!!

  2. Collages are my favorite !!!

  3. Love this idea Sheila! The idea would work well for a collage of children's favorite sayings or toys too!


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