Friday, June 10

Templates and Sketches

Sketches and templates can be a very helpful tool to have in your scrapbooking toolbox. I use them when I put together a kit or piece a page together that someone else created.  In my day to day scrapbooking though, I just don't seem to use them very much.  I think I just spontaneously create my pages by looking at my photos, papers, and embellishments I am going to use.

But....I have discovered that using a sketch or template is really a great way to go when I have to create an album in very little time.  When time is critical, then I design a layout and use it on every page to make it speed along. I may vary the colors or patterns, use some different embellishments, but if I keep the layout the same, I have discovered that this is a huge timesaver.  It also pulls the entire album together into one cohesive design.

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