Friday, July 15

Christmas in July - Sneak Peeks from CHA!

Well, Sheila has started me thinking about the December Daily, so when I was looking through the CHA Summer sneak peeks, I found these wonderful holiday papers that I think would be great for the DD.

The first one is Websters Botanical  Christmas. First of all, I love the Webster pages - they do such great design work, and it is always high quality.  A couple of my favorite pages here are the doors, and the red and cream graphics page.  I think this is a definite possibility!

 Next is Prima's North Country.  This inspires me to think Adirondack Christmas!  I see a lot of elements here that would fit into celebrating Christmas right in my neck of the woods. Plus, Prima always has such cool embellishments. I like that this includes both traditional and non-traditional Christmas colors in the collection.  Hmmm....perhaps an Adirondack style December Daily?

The third one I found (here is the embellishment page) is Jenni Bowlin's Christmas Line.  She has such great graphics!  This one would give a much more traditional look to the December Daily.  I do like incorporating her embellishments into any one that I make.

So many choices....I think it may be a challenge to decide on the paper line to use this year!  Are any of you thinking of creating a December Daily?  What are you looking at using?  Let us know!


  1. I'm not sure what December Daily is, but these papers are delicious!

  2. Fran,

    December Daily is an idea to document the month of December that Ali Edwards came up with. Here is a link to her site:

    and here is a link to blog posts from Maura and I that reference what we have done with the idea:

    Hope that helps to explain what December Daily is. Maura and I have a lot of fun sharing these albums each year.

  3. Thanks for the info Sheila, I knew it sounded familiar...I must have read about it on your blog. I'll check out the links you posted...thanks again.


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