Thursday, July 21

Storage Ideas for Buttons

 On a recent "artsy" shopping trip, I found two items that are great for button storage.  The first one I purchased, but I can see a lot of possibilities for this...if you have access to these old salt and pepper shakers.  This one is filled with vintage buttons, with a pretty handmade label and tag, and tied up with a ribbon.  I have this sitting on my craft desk. When you are visiting the thrift shop, look at the clothing for neat buttons too, as well as the cloth, not just the item itself.  I have found some art items this way.

My second find is this vintage wire basket with the six tins in it.  I decided to use it to sort my buttons out by color - whites and creams, browns and blacks, blues and purples, reds and pinks, yellows and oranges, and greens.  Funny how the green button tin is filled to the brim! The nice thing about sorting by color, is it lets me know at a glance the colors I am running low on.  I made space for this on my craft desk too, since I think it is cool!

Have you found any unique ways to store your buttons?

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