Wednesday, August 3

A HOT Day in July - the Christmas Crop

Michelle and Sheree keeping cool!
 Once upon a summer, on a REALLY hot day, a lot of ladies went to a Christmas in July crop.  There was plenty of delicious foods, including a complete turkey dinner, lots of gifts and prizes, fabulous classes,  tons of drinks, 120 pounds of ice, and the slowest clock in the world.

You see, our area had been hit with a real scorcher - we must have hit record highs this year with 100 degrees or hotter for several days in a row.  Oh, I hear some of you saying, "that's nothing...we get 120 degrees..." yea, yea yea, but see the thing is in upstate New York -  WE don't!!!  Except for this year and this crop.... and there was no AC. but....there were probably about 30 fans spinning madly to keep it as cool as we could.

Now, as to the world's slowest clock....well, I think all I finished were 30 Christmas cards, the entire day!!! Usually the clock spins two to three times as fast on a crop day, but the heat must have slowed it way down.

Whew!! Glad that heat wave is over, and hoping it is the only one that bad this summer!!

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