Wednesday, August 10

Make it Yourself

Baker's twine is showing up everywhere these days. I happen to love it and have started to use it on various projects as a little extra touch. I bought my first small batch of it on etsy (larger spools of it can get very pricey) but after I saw this video, I'm going to make it myself. I used Sharpie markers and a 40% off coupon for the crochet cotton so making it myself is pretty darn cheap.

Try it for yourself!


  1. Pretty darn easy! I like that you can match it specifically to a color.

  2. Okay, smarty pants!!!!
    I just ordered some from Etsy, but just 2 colors. Now when I need a certain color I won't have to place an order, I can make my own! Who knew?
    You guys are great!!!!

  3. I wonder...what if you used colored "twine" and then the marker - it might be cool to have a couple of colors....


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