Saturday, August 20


While looking for some ideas of what to make with a bunch of yard sticks--someone was going to throw them away--I came across this idea:
and then I thought "I wonder what other crafty items can be used to make a wreath" and found these:
rolled scrapbook paper-any color, any occasion
tea bags and clothespins
any cookie cutters-love this idea!
box of crayons
I love the idea of using items you most likely already have and making them into a crafty home decor goodie.

edited to add: I included more details on the ruler wreath because I think you could easily use this method for other supplies.
Hot glue rulers to a 6" embroidery hoop leaving a little space between each one.
 Hot glue more rulers on top of the spaces between the rulers on the bottom row.
 Fit another embroidery hoop into the center and hot glue into place.


  1. I love these ideas, Sheila! I can't wait to see the wreath you make with the yardsticks - that will be cool. Do you know what kind of backing they used - wire or styrofoam, or even just heavy chipboard? The crayon one would be a neat back to school teacher gift idea.

  2. I added more details on construction in the post. You can easily use this method for other wreaths.

  3. Rulers! What a great idea! I hope you post the finished product. I really like the dimension that you get by adding another row!


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