Sunday, October 9

The "Queen of Halloween"

 Our very creative and talented blog reader/friend, Doris, took us up on our long distance paper bag project challenge that Sheila and I just shared with you!  We are so excited to have one of you join us!! Now, I am not surprised that Doris joined in, since the theme is Halloween, and she IS the "Queen of Halloween", at least in my book. Her cover is awesome!  Just makes you want to peek inside, doesn't it?  The colors, the tag, and that ribbon - perfect!

 Doris went a step further than either of us, and made pages that lift up!! How cool is that! I am sure Sheila and I will be trying that out with our next paper bag book.  
These colors just "scream" Halloween to me - bold and bright, and she has the best Halloween embellishments!

 Look at these great layouts...can't you just picture them with Halloween photos..witches, goblins, ghouls, pumpkins...trick or treat!

 I wanted to include a closeup of some of the tags Doris included in her book, because these are so very cool! Look at the fabulous images..and how she tied the embellishments in with them, like the broom with the witch...keep an eye on the night sky on October 31st. Doris...the spirits may be flying....

THANK YOU Doris for sharing with all of us!!! Your Halloween album is AWESOME!!!


  1. you ladies all did an awesome job! thanks for sharing your spooky creations!

  2. I had the pleasure of seeing this creation up-close-and-personal!!! The pictures are great but it's better in all three of these spectacular "bag" albums! Great work ladies . . .


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