Sunday, December 18

December Daily Day 1

For this year's album I decided to go with page protectors. Since I could not find the correct size for my templates (6" x 8 1/2") I got 6" x 12" page protectors and just cut them down to size. Works out great.

I liked the idea of the transparent page in the middle of each daily spread so I decided to do that in this year's album. I cut various transparencies to 3" x 8 1/2" and on Day 1 I added a leftover paper chain from Ormolu. I think I got these three years ago when Maura and I made our very first December Daily album together at a crop.
I also added an Avery plastic label holder on the side. For Day 1 I made a miniature version of our Advent Calendar and included that along with a dictionary definition of Advent.

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  1. Great idea! I may just have to follow in your footsteps....


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