Thursday, December 22

December Daily Day 6

I cannot have a December Daily album without a tribute page to Starbucks. I anxiously wait each year for the start of the red cups and the new holiday design. And each year I love what they come up with even more than the previous year.
 I cut down a 9 pocket page protector so that it would fit into my book. Then I added the two Starbucks gift card designs for this year along with one of their gift card holders. I stitched the top opening closed so they will not fall out.
I took one of their small tag gift cards for this year and attached that to my transparent divider. And, yes that is one of their festive bags on my page as well as the side of one of the red cups that I cut apart to include.

I think that my Starbucks pages are one of my favorites to make in these albums.


  1. Great page Sheila!!! Love the starbucks designs, too!

  2. Of course! You, my sister introduced me to the "red cup" season, and now I look forward to it each year too! I am sure I will be putting in a red cup tribute :)


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