Friday, January 6

Coffee theme in the December Daily

In looking back over my album, I seem to see a coffee theme flowing throughout.  A special brew from Sheila that I have enjoyed throughout the month...a trip to Starbucks with my husband (more than once)...meeting up with friends at the Coffee Beanery to celebrate the holidays...guess I just love a good cuppa joe!
So, in honor of my love of java, here is the page with the acrylic page over it, and then the page itself with photos from the store, the red cup, the bag the cookie came in, and my hubby enjoying his expresso and double chocolate brownie!  It just so happens that we went to Starbucks first for coffee and dessert, then out to dinner - you know that saying...have dessert first - well we did! see what adventures in javaland come my way in 2012...maybe a cuppa with Sheila one of these days!

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