Sunday, May 13

Scrapbook Weekend

Last weekend (yes, NSD weekend!), I went scrapbooking for the entire weekend with friends at Jiminy Peak, a ski resort in Massachusetts.  We shared the resort with a motorcycle "convention" - interesting mix, don't you think?
This moose greeted us in the area we took over.  I love the painted symbols on it - very native, like pictographs.
Our accommodations were just fabulous - we got to stay in these condos right by the scrapbook building. Now, one of my friends arrived in the car you see parked here.  We always ask her how she fits all of her stuff for the weekend in it!
I brought a word find for us to do from Everyday Storyteller just for fun and to help us celebrate NSD.  My friend Sheree was the first to finish - woohoo! closely followed by Nancy - hooray!  Way to go!!
So, not only was it a great weekend getaway, but it was also National Scrapbook Day.....and Cinco de Mayo, so we had a little pinata celebration outside (it was a gorgeous, sunny spring day),  with a chance to take a whack at the pinata which was filled with scrapbook goodies - lots of fun!
Not to forget, it was also the evening of the "supermoon", so of course we all headed outside to see it.  It was so bright and beautiful, I had to take a photo.

What a fabulous weekend with friends!


  1. Can't see your pics..says the server not accessible ..:(

  2. How fun! My darn internet is not bringing up the photos! I'm sure it was a great time.
    My turn next weekend! My retreat starts on Thursday - Sunday! I am part of a group, 11 of us that do this 3 times a year, we have a blast. It's all about being with girlfriends, great food, cocktails and a little scrapbooking........

  3. Should be fixed now. Janie, have a great weekend - these retreats are SO much fun!


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