Friday, May 25

The View from the Table

The view from the table as we are starting our journal project with Tim Holtz! I love how I did not have to pack any craft supplies...everything is provided! Have I finished this yet? Well, no, so I will be sure to share the details when I finish.
Not only is everything up on the screen for us to see, but Tim walks around constantly,checking to see if we need help, explaining...he really does a great job!
Everything is so visual, but there is help when you need it.
This is one fabulous goodie we all got to use with our necklace project "Charmed Possessions."
Each class is packaged up with all the materials we need, along with directions.
The lunch table, sitting outside the store on a beautiful day eating our box lunches... Yummy!
Here are some of my charms...each a different technique! When I put this on, I feel like I am wearing my wealth. More to come on this class...
Sue, Tim, Annette, Mary , and I...what a fun adventure!
Mario, the other face of the team! He helped me several times and was always there to help out!

As many of us were saying "Check that off the bucket list!" Me? I'd like to keep it on my list to do it again!


  1. I'll post a couple of pics of you and Mary and Sue working at the table.

  2. Oh My Goodness! It looks like SOOOOO much fun!

  3. I agrre with you Maura, Off the Bucket list I will take another class with him over and over again!
    Mary Calzadilla (one of the 3 Amigas)

  4. Wow!!! Next time you go, count me in!!!


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