Friday, July 6

Blogoversary Giveaway #1

Today, TwoCraftingSisters celebrates 3, yes 3, years of blogging.  We are so glad to share what we do with you, and to hear your comments. Creativity is truly a part of all of our lives.  So, here is a little creative inspiration that you can win-a Stampin' Up French Foliage set of rubber stamps and an upcycled Starbucks notebook from Campfire Designs.  All you need to do is leave us a comment with your best rubberstamping tip!

Comments will be accepted up to midnight EST on Sunday, July 8. Winners will all be drawn randomly and posted on Monday, July 9.  Good luck to everyone!!


  1. Happy Blogiversary! WHOOOOT!!! Best tip? Hmmmm... I love to stamp with paint!

  2. Happy 3rd year anniversary! Love this blog! My best stamping tip....hold the stamp with your 2 hands and use your chin to press the stamp evenly. :-) Works everytime for me.....woohoo!

  3. Happy 3rd anniversary gals are so inspirational I hope you don't run out of time to blog!!! My best stamping tip ... don't wiggle your stamp after you have placed it down and have plenty of baby wipes on hand - sorry, that's two tips!!! good wishes ----

  4. Congratulations !!!! My tip has to do with storing rubber-stamps ! I remove the rubber from the blocks and mount on thin stamp foam with a cling back and store in notebooks on glossy board. Saves a lot of space ;)

  5. Happy 3rd anniversary ladies!

  6. Happy Anniversary Maura and Sheila1
    My stamping tip. Let every creation be an original never stress if it isn't perfect! We all are unique in our very own way.

  7. 3 years of blogging! Congrats! Love checking in to see your projects here!
    My tip... I keep an old handtowel and some stamp cleaner nearby when I stamp.I like to clean my stamps as I go. Kinda picky about that!


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