Sunday, July 1

Captured Moments Blog Challenge: Amy Tangerine

I finally got around to making the cover of my Amy Tangerine DayBook for the Captured Moments Blog Challenge that both Maura and I are doing. Here is mine--simple style. It's what works for me. I tried to get messy, had a totally different idea in mind when I began but this is what I ended up with.
Sheila's front cover
I cut out the definition from an old dictionary and made the custom flair button. I think that this little book will become very filled, very soon so I went ahead and added a stretchy belly band to help keep it closed.
Sheila's back cover
Can't wait to see Monday's next challenge.


  1. Sheila, this is definitely your look, and I love the simplicity! Thanks for sharing!

  2. love it! and I love the custom flair!


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