Wednesday, January 30

Creative Jumpstart 2013 - Part 3

My tag book of samples is growing! Creative Jumpstart just keeps rolling out these great ideas to try out...such fun!
Nathalie Kalbach showed us how to use a stencil and glossy gel medium to make a resist, then spray with mists to get this very cool effect.
Catherine Scanlon had loads of journaling ideas, and how to step back in the process and just look at things again to see what is in front of you. I will definitely be trying her ideas out in my art journal.
Nathalie shared another technique-stamping on transparencies with gesso and using it to add layers to your work.
Some ideas I think I need to wait for warmer weather to try, but I will be sure to share those when I do. Anna Bjorklund had some cute ideas with seed beads, so I thought I would try this out to remember for the future. Thanks to all the fabulous folks sharing their talents with us in Creative Jumpstart!


  1. I'm so glad that you are finding the time to be so creative with your tags and new techniques! Definitely something to refer back to time and again.

  2. Wow... you've been really diligent keeping up with the Jumpstart stuff! I've got them all in a folder waiting for "when I have some more time", and I know I've only got a few months to make the most of them. These fabulous tags are a really good kick in the pants to get going!!
    Alison x


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