Thursday, January 3

The Power of One Little Word and Resolutions

January 1st is always a time to reflect on the past year, and think about where we want to journey next. We have different ways we do little word...making resolutions...setting goals, and we thought we would share ours with you.

One Little Word...a great project by Ali Edwards where you focus on one word for the year. Maura's word for 2013 is healthy. I am slowly regaining control of some health issues I have been facing, and feel the need to work on this throughout the year. Sheila is keeping her word from last year which is cultivate. She's just not quite done with it yet.

Crafty Resolutions...somehow, these are much easier to make. Maura's resolutions are to enter more challenges in 2013, to participate in art swaps, to try at least one new thing each month...a technique, class, product or idea...and to share all of this with you our readers.

Sheila's resolutions are to incorporate the manual typewriter and the sewing machine into more projects, to enter one challenge-tiny steps into this territory, take an online class just for fun-perhaps with Maura? and also for both of us to share a few long distance projects with all of you.

Happy Crafty New Year to all!


  1. Love your ideas Sheila, and looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

  2. Maura, "health" was my word for 2012 -- use it in good . . . well, health! *smile* I haven't chosen one for 2013 yet. It might be "Fit" -- an offshoot from last year . . . it really ought to be "Less Facebook" but that is two words. lol ~ Laura

  3. Thanks Laura, I will use it in good health:) Fit sounds like a good word, and I thought. "Facebookless" could be one, but bet you don't want to go to thaT extreme LOL!


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