Friday, March 22

Saying Goodbye is hard to do

My local scrapbook store is closing their doors this week. I am having a hard time with this. Over the last 7 years or so, this has become my second home, both as a creative haven, and the many wonderful people I have met and become friends with. I will miss my "students" and the classes I taught at the store. Sheila and I have even cropped together here! I will miss the moments like this one at the store.
"My family" who run the store-Tara, Tiffany, Nick and Maria are beginning a new venture and taking the store online, and focusing on bigger and better crops. You can bet I have signed up for every crop offered so far! I truly do wish them the very best in their new direction, and will support them in whatever ways I can. Best Wishes!
I have been blessed for these many years by having this wonderful place to go to, to play, to learn, to meet friends, to inspire me...but, I am sad to see the end of my favorite gathering place. Thank you Captured Moments for a wonderful experience :)


  1. Thank you Maura. We will miss many things about the store itself and what we created there, but we plan to keep going and keeping
    "the Captured Moments" experience alive and well. We will see you Saturday!

  2. Maura, I too will miss the store, but will continue to support Tara, Tiffany and their families in any way I can. The "Captured Moments" crops are so much fun!!! I would encourage all card makers and scrap-bookers to experience just one and they will be hooked. I wish them the best of luck in their new adventure!!! See you at the next crop!!!!

  3. A lovely tribute, Maura.

  4. I'm glad you were able to have this special place for so long and "feel your pain" at its loss. I'm glad the friendships will continue and in-person crops, too.


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