Tuesday, April 23

Adventures with Tim and Mario!

Lucky me! I got to take a class with Tm Holtz in Connecticut this past weekend. So I thought I would share my adventure with all of you. A three and a half hour drive to get there got just a bit longer as my "co-pilot" Mary took us toward NY City, but Tm was calling and we were drawn in the eastern direction.
Tim has a new "configurations book" and this is his awesome sample for our class!
Can you tell who is happy to get to class? Love my tag the store made for us! And this steampunk style sample on Tim's display table.
Box lunch on the ocean with Doris (and Mary)...pretty breezy and brisk, but the ocean, beach...hey!
Tim's getting the classroom set up for our class.
Ok class...
This lucky fellow, Chester, was celebrating his birthday - we sang to him and he won a fabulous prize! Notice those paddles with the numbers - whoa are they dangerous! During class when Tim describes a product we are using, you raise your paddle if you want it, and helpers fill your bag...surprise at the end :)
Paper, configuring our boxes...
New friends across the table, Lori and Susan.
How cool is this? We put a lantern that lights up in our box!
Tim keeps coming around during class to help us.
Canvas book binding, tissue tape...
Boxes all lined...
Making our own typeface letters with grunge!
Sneak peek of my cover play with inks and paints...
Look at all the stuff we got to put in our boxes!! So generous!!
Tim and Mario are so gracious in signing stuff for us, photo shoots...
Tim signing Doris' book ( I had both of them sign my tag)
Signing Laura's book...
Mary, where are you?? We need to get a photo of all of us! (She was in the check out line)
A classmate finished her book!
Here's the crew- Mario, Mary, me, Tim, Doris and Laura...Thanks for a great day Tim and Mario!!
A little shopping on the way home...at the store who had the class...and a few bags later...
Ended my weekend at IKEA... I needed something to put all my new stash in!! (Well, I really did plan to go to get some furniture to reorganize my craft area...but that's another story!)


  1. Excellent class only taught by the only one Timmy! That is how I was calling him by the end of the class ! Had a great time with our group of gals and new peeps we met. It was wonderful being there and learning so much. His class is intense constantly bombarding you with tips, techniques and instructions on how to do all of his magic.Mario is a sweetheart , running everywhere making sure you have all your supplies and making sure that the show is running like it should be.

  2. Thanks for letting us live vicariously! It looks like you had a really fun class and trip. So, I take it that the point isn't necessarily to finish the project in the class, but make a good start and finish at home? (Which makes sense, rather than rush.)

    1. Yes, that has been my plan. I learn it all and then take my time finishing it and making it mine. Someday I will meet you there :)

  3. oh my goodness!!! That looks like soooo much fun! What a great post - and how cute are you?!?!? :)

  4. You are sweet! I really love doing this :)

  5. Maura, another work of art! Looks like you gals had a marry time...wish I was there! Can't wait to see it up close and personal one of these days???

  6. Maura, can't wait to see your finished book. Looks like a project that you will really enjoy! Loved seeing all your photos and sharing your adventure with you.

  7. Thanks Sheila! And for emailing me about Tim's blog:)

  8. You need to learn to put a little more enthusiasm into your posts! You just weren't excited at all to have a class with Tim! BAHAHAHA!!! I loved reading this and seeing all your photos! What a great make too...I'm so jealous! That place looks fantastic...what a view! I'd go there even without Tim!

  9. Anita, anytime!! I will go with you :)


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