Saturday, April 6

Tim's 12 Tags of 2013

Sometimes it takes awhile for the lightbulb to go on! I did not realize until a day or so ago that I was creating the Tim tags. I did not start out making them, but when I looked at what I was doing, and went back to his blog, I realized I really was. So, here is my January tag, and you can check out my post here.
February is next, with the post here.
Then, along came March (which you may notice is a deconstructed Easter card posted here.)
Time to play with the paint again!
Cardboard and leftover ribbon to make a "picket fence and grass."
Needed a bit more background texture, so the chicken wire stamp and Archival ink to the rescue!
Thought I was done, but this just seemed to be missing something...
Digging into the stash I found this great frame, and the charm is kind of egg-shaped, so I added those on, and now I am satisfied. Stay tuned for my April tag - finally, on track!

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  1. Wow!! These are incredible! Can't wait to see April!


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