Saturday, May 4

Happy NSD! My HUGE project today was...

Cleaning my craft area! It took ALL day, but I will give you a peek. It is better and things are more accessible and I purged a LOT (garage sale anyone?), but, is there room for improvement? Yes. I do feel it is more organized and I can get to things easier. Notice I have the Big Shot out, so I will use it more.
The mess I started with today...
In the process...
Look at how much more work space I have on my desk now!!
Big Shot is out, photo printer is goal is to use these things more.
The wall of paper looks neater, storage for stickers, rub ons, project materials...a few items on display. My IKEA carts turned In to a "Tim Holtz" and a mixed media cart. I am loving the way I can roll them right out to where I am working.
I am loving my new IKEA drawers for organizing. They are quite roomy, and hold a lot. I may label the drawers at some point. Such great challenges and activity over at Big Picture with the online crop! Do I still have enough energy to scrap? Stay tuned...


  1. WOW! What a great way to spend NSD! Love what you did - can't wait to see all of the gorgeousness that will come out of that space :)

  2. Good for you -- you got so much done! I went in the other direction because I wanted to have things readily at hand to work with. lol

  3. I am impressed with your accomplishment!!!


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