Saturday, August 31

32 Years!

I know it's been quiet here on the blog the past couple of weeks...end of summer, school coming, vacation, life stories? Here is one that I think I need to work in to a life story on a scrapbook layout. 32 years ago today, my husband Michael and I stood along a creek high in the Beartooths of Wyoming and spoke our vows to each other, as family and friends joined us. Two sons, one dog, and many adventures later, here we are on the brink of 32 years.

Time to celebrate, wouldn't you say? So here is a more personal view of the end of summer...

So, how do you celebrate 32 years together? We did it by going to Woodstock! I know, we really wanted to go back to THE Woodstock in the 60's, but were too young. So, we decided to go now, had a wonderful, romantic dinner along this stream on a beautiful evening, plenty of time to stroll around the park like setting...

And then go to a concert by Albert Lee, one of the world's best electric guitarists, who is from Britain. Think back to the roots of rock and roll and he was there. While we were strolling the grounds, we ran in to him, and stopped to chat - such a nice genuine person - 69 years old, and he rocked the house!!

Fantastic music, wonderful evening, long drive home....not used to staying up until the wee hours anymore. Now, to work the story into a layout...


  1. Happy anniversary my friend. Looks like it was a perfect setting and a perfect day! Hope you enjoyed each other.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!!! HUGE congrats!

  3. Happy anniversary (belated now) to you and your husband! Glad you had the chance to do something fun to celebrate. :-) ~ Laura


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