Sunday, November 24

It's a Mystery Challenge!

I do love a good mystery and have been known to read a wide variety, from Scrapbooking, to cooking, to ancient Ireland...that "whodunit" gets me every time. So, when Simon Says has a mystery challenge, I got out my hand lens and started in.

I had a chance to work on my Christmas cards yesterday, and came up with two very different designs.


Hmmm, did you observe any similar techniques? Any clues? Who will these different cards get mailed out to? And, the biggie...will they get mailed on time???


  1. so fun, Maura! Love your take on the mystery :)

  2. Both cards are fabulous! Maura. I love the stamped background on the first card and the beautiful distress edges on the second one. Thank you so much for sharing. :)


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