Wednesday, January 1

Creative Jumpstart 2014


Happy New Year! If one of your resolutions is to be more creative in 2014 and learn some great creative techniques, why don't you head over here, and join me in Creative Jumpstart. I took this last year and learned a ton of techniques, and am looking forward to more from some GREAT instructors.



  1. Aaw, I love the idea of crafting with my sister, if only I could convince her to try her hand at arty things. I love that you can share art time with each other.
    I got here via CJS14; it's nice to meet you.

  2. What a great thing to do to get going in the new year! I want you to know I appreciate you so! Happy happy new year to you, and may it bring you and your sister and family many blessings of health and happiness!


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