Saturday, February 1

More CJS2014 Inspiration

CJS 2014 was all about finding household objects and using them in your crafting. Legos were mentioned, and since I have Legos at home and in my classroom, I knew I could find some to use. Look for the solid circles and the little rings. Then, I used up the tape in my adhesive gun, and the inner piece was perfect for the larger circles. This all on top of my Dylusions sprays, and inks (such fun from my other art class), and white paint and stamping, there's even an eye chart in there. May have gone a little overboard?

Found these great images and words in an old theater playbill, and with the gentleman positioned looking up at her, the saying works so well. My other page had a mind of its own and headed off in its own direction, not where I planned to go. Somehow, because I had lately been having problems with my insurance getting the eyedrops I need, all these old buried thoughts popped up about having worn glasses most of my life, as well as trips to the eye doctor. Now, I love my glasses.

I am definitely having fun trying new things in my art journal!


  1. great spread

    here from CJS2014 Prima link page

  2. Awesome background.
    Thanks for sharing. Good luck!

  3. Maura, love this spread! Don't think you went overboard at all! Love all the different elements you incorporated! Sometime things just fall into place with little effort and then there are the other times. But you're always on your game Maura, love it!

  4. oh my! What fabulous aspects you've created here. Just love the eyes - the whole concept really!


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