Thursday, April 17

Creative Gift for College

I teach a Science Research course, and after having the students for three or even four years of high school, I like to make a gift to give to my seniors. This year I came up with the idea of a "college survival kit." It all started with a Thirty One water bottle holder (well, really 6 of them) which I got from my friend Lori here.
Made the tag and wrote a little note on the back and attached with twine. Off to shop to pick up items to fill it with that I thought a student heading off to college might need, and stuffed them with goodies like band aids, Kleenex, paperclips, life savers, mini stapler and staples, pencil, sharpener, eraser, post its, clip, little notebook, and some bubbles for fun. I hope this helps them get off to a good start.


  1. Maura, what a thoughtful thing to do. I'm sure having you for a teacher is another way you've helped them get off to a good start, too. :-)

  2. Thanks Laura, that is sweet of you.


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