Monday, July 14

From Scratch...details

It all started with this great class on composition and layering with Julie Fei Fan Balzer at the Create retreat...(oh, yes-Sheila found me on Julie's Instagram stream :)
We started out by choosing a magazine ad we liked, and then deconstructed it and discussed elements of composition.
The ad I chose, along with my notes of what attracted me to this particular one, and then a quick sketch. What really drew my eye were all the wonderful colors first, and then the textures second, along with other elements I observed.
I took my sketch and made my base for the collage...looks pretty different, doesn't it?
Next layer, painted in some blocks of color, one of my main focal points with acrylic paints.
Like where I am at this point, so...
Whitewash the layout, flick some white paint drops onto it...and then I will admit, I kind of got stuck trying to figure out how to pull this all together. Once inspiration struck after looking through the few embellishments/collage papers I had with me, I really got into it and forgot to take pics. Stamped and stenciled some designs into it, collaged a napkin of the Eiffel Tower, added writing, the girl...
One of the things I love to do is to add some details with white pen to make it pop. Hope you have enjoyed my journey through the creation of my collage, as I promised in yesterday's post.

Celebrate the Gypsy Life!

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