Friday, January 16


I have made no official new year resolutions, instead, I am pursuing a creative path, and have signed up for several online courses. The most ambitious so far, is a year long course with Joanne Sharpe, the "Queen" of color! Check out her website, Whimspirations, to delight in her bright, vibrant work with paper and fabric. I am taking the course Artfully Inspired Life, working with my art journal and focusing on lettering and design, and COLOR. So, I thought I would share what I have created so far.
I had to start by cleaning off my desk, and setting up my workspace. A couple of my trusty and music. Cover page...can you find the 3 owls? What are the bright globes in my tree...whatever your imagination turns them into.
Table of Contents...a work in progress
My Mantra...I've started taking yoga classes and really like them. (Working on a healthier me) Through the yoga and other life events, I've become more focused on mindfulness, and want to embrace this more fully.

First week done, ready for journaling. Sheila, I was inspired by your Etsy CampfireDesigns logo for my fire. Reminds me of the many campfires we've enjoyed. Time ahead to work on the rest!

I took a class with Joanne at CreateNJ last summer, which opened my eyes to the possibilities of lettering using my own handwriting. Honestly, 6 months ago I would not have believed I could do this! The class is still open, you can join at any time, so maybe I will see you there!



  1. What a wonderful journal, Maura!

    Thanks for sharing some of your pages! What a treat!

    Claudia x


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