Friday, May 8

Nursery Rhymes Swap


Our swap theme this month is nursery rhymes! Boy, did this bring back memories, and perfect for this month when we celebrate mothers! I remember reading these stories to my little boys, long ago. I had fun layering up the dolls and making the tags.

Mary had a little lamb...


Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater...


Mary, Mary quite contrary....And it certainly is garden season in my neck of the woods.


Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn...this is the one I decided to keep. I'm glad the boy stamps were added to the Prima line!


So, for all the mothers out there, have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend celebrating Moms everywhere! Read a few nursery rhymes to your little ones, or reminisce about those times long ago. Happy Mother's Day!!





  1. I could not pick a favorite...LOVE all them, and love the nursery rhyme theme! Each girl is perfect!!!


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