Wednesday, June 10

Career Swap

Have you ever thought about changing careers? I bet most of us have, and many of us have ventured into new ones.  I know I have! Most recently, a science teacher, but if I look back, a few others were a forester, environmental conservation, census taker, camp counselor...and the list goes on! My doll tag group is celebrating careers this month, and I wanted to share mine with you.

First up, a Travel Agent, because I do love to explore the world.

Next, I had to do a Scientist! After all, this is my field.

For my third tag, I did a Typist. I seem to be doing a lot of that these days!

I can't wait to see what everyone in the swap makes! I really enjoy creating the dolls, piecing them together, and making the tag. 


  1. Gorgeous tags! What a great idea for a careers theme!

  2. bonjour Maura je viens te rendre visite c'est magnifique jolie blog avec de belles couleurs partout à bientot nate

  3. Your tags are beautiful! My daughter is starting to color the paper doll images - I must show this to her. She will be inspired!


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