Sunday, January 3

Feeding my Muse

I may have taken on a bit too much this January in my quest for learning. You see, I love to learn about crafting and art, and new techniques and products I can incorporate into what I love to do. So, in my search for inspiration, I have signed up for 3, yes, 3! online courses that all start this month. Two of them are year long courses. I am excited...and hoping I can keep up!

Creative Jumpstart 2016 with Nathalie Kahlbach

I've been doing this every January for the past couple of years, and always am inspired by what Nat and the other artists create. This class has been especially good for me to learn about acrylic paints and mediums. I am ready to "jump" back into this!

Samples of my work inspired by CJS

This will be my second time with this year-long course, and yes, I did finish my art journal, just 2 days into this year...not bad! I love color, and this course is full of color! I also wanted to work on my own handwriting and lettering, and I have learned so much from this, I now feel confident to add it to my own work.

Samples of my work inspired by AIL

My third year long course is brand new to me - Wanderlust 2016. I was inspired to sign up when I saw the list of teachers for this course! I am excited to begin this journey into creativity.

I love to take courses in person and meet new creative friends, but the next best thing is doing this on-line. So, will I stop there? Probably not, although I tend to sign up with some courses and finally get to them months later, but that is the wonderful thing about the web - I can do this at my own pace and in my pj's if I want to! 

A couple of other friends I always have on my radar to learn from online are May Flaum and Ashli Oliver. I love what these talented crafters are up to, and yes, I need to catch up with their classes. Oh, I can see it is going to be a gloriously creative year. I hope it will be like that for you too, and maybe we will meet up in class somewhere!

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