Wednesday, March 30

Peering into my Past: Wanderlust 2016

I was thinking of my past and one of the underlying themes I am drawn to again and again, are trees. I loved the woods as a child:  I love to hike through them as an adult. I love watching the change of the seasons through the trees. My love of trees drew me to my first career as a forester.

So, here I am playing with paints and stamps and thinking of my past...

Playing and experimenting and learning, and discovering something wonderful!! I globbed some distress paints on one side of my art journal, took a credit card and swiped it vertically and horizontally a couple of times to mix the colors a bit. Then, the magic happened when I closed the book, pressed, and opened it back up to discover this fantastic design and texture!! I LOVE it!!

Next, I added some Quinacridone Gold paint around the edges, closed the pages, and opened it up again. It almost looks like a butterfly in the middle. I definitely have to try this technique again!!

Some stamping with my Paper Artsy Everything Art stamps, one on the page, well actually two - but that was all blurry, so I stamped on a gessoed tag and put that over the mistake. My idea was to have my past coming out of "my" head, so I painted some trees emerging from my head/imagination. Then, I decided to write a little about my love for trees along the side.

A bit of a closeup...

I do love the woods and my trees!

 DecoArt Quinacridone Gold paint


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  1. Oh wow, Maura!!! Your "my past" pages are amazing! I LOVE your colors! I have just started working on mine! Hey, thanks so much for the really sweet thoughts you left on my blog!!! ❤️


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