Wednesday, March 9

Wanderlust 2016: Inspiration and Facing Fears

I have two new pages in my Wanderlust art journal. The first page is inspired by Joanne Sharpe who was a guest instructor in this course. I also have the pleasure of her as a teacher in another year long course I am taking. Joanne teaches you how to use your own handwriting to make cool lettering.

I used distress inks, and a Tim Holtz mask and stencil for the background. The humor added is my own. :)

The next page is about bravery and facing my fears. Over the years, I have had a number of bear encounters while camping, and when I worked in the western U.S. I have had nightmares about bears, but in 2014 while camping in Wyoming, in a TENT, with my hubby, I faced my fears when I encountered a grizzly bear at 2:30 in the morning (outhouse run).  Now I am thinking that maybe the bear is my totem, and I just did not understand that for so many years. Believe me though, I will be much happier to see them from a distance!

I doodled a bear print, then used distress inks. I felt the red was a good color to use since I was sharing a scary event.

Then, I felt like I wasn't quite done, so went in with some of my new distress crayons, and added a bit more. I think it makes a bolder statement. I am in the experimenting and learning stage with my new crayons and will keep sharing as I go.

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