Thursday, April 21

Wanderlust 2016: Fading Past-Visions of what used to be...

I chose this early photo of my family with my parents, sister and I to use for my journal page. I was two at the time. Three more siblings would arrive later in our lives to share our family journey. The past is fading parents are gone, we've all grown up and our childhoods are gone.

Since my photo was from the 1950's, I wanted to create some colors that fit that time period.

Whoa, that pink is a little too hot, so I toned it down with some Q-gold.

Added some layers with stamps and punchinella I used as a stencil. 

Layered on the photo and some strips of paper from some old music and a spice book.  I really like the line "Visions of what used to be"

Toned it down further with some unbleached white, then did some writing and doodling with black and white pens, as well as some pencil shading. 

Final step, I stamped in "family".

This was a happy day early in my life. My parents still were carefree and young and happy, before the challenges of life took their toll. My sister and I were oblivious to any trouble in the world, safe and secure in our little family group.  Of course, I have no idea why we are all dressed up, we must be off to a party! 

In retrospect, I am not sure if I am happy with how faded the people are in the photo, but it really does fit the feeling of the past fading away as we grow older. 
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