Tuesday, June 28

Anything but Paper Challenge at Emerald Creek Dares

I'm coming down to the wire on this one, but between not finishing these until yesterday, and not being able to access the challenge blog until today, now I am ready! Emerald Creek Dares is challenging us to work in anything but paper, and I think my project will fit that. Mine is made with Tyvek (as I learned on Wikipedia it is flashspun polyethylene fibers... not sure what flashspun means but it sounds cool) and paints for the most part.

I am going to a mixed media art retreat this fall, and found out people make "charms" to swap, so I figured I could at least make a few, well, about 20. I have plenty of time, so I may make more.

I recycled Tyvek envelopes from my mail, and painted them with DecoArt paints, including a metallic. I let the paint dry, cut them into smaller squares and heated them, until I get this wonderful bubbly, wrinkly texture. I brushed over them with a bit more metallic, added an eyelet, gear and dragonfly(Emerald Creek has these cute little ones) and added some info. with a pin. All set for trading!


I was going for a steampunk feel with my "charms", what do you think?


  1. These pieces are totally awesome,Maura.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Fabulous, love the colors...just full of awesomeness! Thanks for joining us on the Emerald Creek Supplies Dare Challenge Blog.

  4. Maura, these charms are beautiful--wish I was going to the retreat so I could scoop one up! Ha! Ha! Really nice work! Love the textures and the colors! and those dragonflies are wonderful! (I think I have some!) So happy you found the link, so I could link up, too! I'd get through one time, and then I couldn't find it later. Good luck with the challenge!

  5. Very cool and unique charms Maura! Thanks for taking on the Emerald Creek Dare! :)

  6. Maura, those are fabulous, love the texture from heating the Tyvek! Thanks so much for sharing them and for joining us at Emerald Creek Dares! Deb xo

  7. Congratulations, Maura! Well done; I knew these were winners when I first set my baby blues on them!


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