Monday, August 1

Steampunk: Unexplored Worlds

Welcome to the summer season at SASPC! Glad you stopped in to check out what's going on in our little steampunk world, and hope you will join us in the summer fun!!

So, you see, I was working very late one night in the laboratorie, oh maybe it was morning...well whatever time it was, I know it was very very late. All of the other scientists had long been gone, home to spend a quiet evening with their families, or maybe out carousing at one of our fine local pubs. I don't quite know how I ended up working so late, but after the amazing discovery I made, I am glad I did...

Yes, yes, I will get back to the story, but first let me tell you how I made this, ok?
I started with a canvas board, then painted it with a favorite DecoArt hue - Prussian Blue in the fluid acrylic - love it! A top coat of the Ultra Matte Varnish, then let it dry, which is surprisingly quick.

A thick coat of the DecoArt crackle paint to get this awesome variegated crackle effect. I decided not enough of that beautiful blue was showing through, so I painted it again.

I wanted to choose some fun colors to create a cosmic background, and painted in these lovelies with the Prussian blue: Bright Salmon, Canary and Yellow-Green Light. I am liking how it is picking up that crackle texture.

I love Andy Skinner's Whirlpool stencil, and I think it works perfectly well for the ocean and the cosmos! A little spritzing with the Carbon Black mister and the background is coming to life. I am very messy with the sprays, so this time I put down a huge sheet of paper - did it all stay contained? well no, but I did keep more things on my workspace clean.

A bit of Paynes Grey around the edges and swiped over the comic postcard just to tone it down and make it look older.

Thought I was done, but my brain said, oh lets add some copper around the edges, and I do love my DecoArt Copper Kettle. I just rub it on with my fingers, but you could use a sponge.

...oh, the story you ask? So there I was in the deep of night, still at work in the unnatural quiet of the lab, when I heard a sound nearby. We'd been having a problem with sewer rats getting in, so I just assumed that was what it must be, and our rat trap would catch it. Back to work...but I heard it again, so I looked around more carefully this know how it is when its late and no one is there but you - kind of scary, right? 
So, imagine my surprise when I look over on the table next to me and see something moving around under the bell jar. I looked again and noticed the bell jar has holes in it, which is weird. My curiosity is peaked now, so I go over with my magnifier in hand to check out what it is. I reach in, pull it out to look at it more closely, and I am sure you can imaging my surprise when I discover it is a tiny human!! Well, I was so startled, I almost dropped him!  I knew my colleague had been working on developing some new steam driven machine, but I had no idea it could do this! Wow!! SO many unexplored worlds to find..back to work!

I dug into my treasure trove of old rusty junk I found at an antique store to add some great embellishments around my postcard, and since some were really heavy, I used heavy gel medium to attach them. I also rusted the fancy hand lens to add at the bottom.

Well, it just goes to show, keep your eyes and mind open, because you just don't know what you will run across in the steampunk world! 
Hope you join us this summer in our challenge "Anything Goes".

Thanks so much to our sponsors who keep the gears turning at SASPC!


  1. OMG! You're so creative!!!! This canvas is absolutely stunning!!! Wow, wow, wow!!!! <3

  2. Your steampunk art is as always just brilliant, amazing, inspiring and soo soo coooool, Maura! ;) LOVE it to bits!

    Claudia xxx


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