Thursday, September 15

Steampunk Challenge: Tome of Time

Welcome to my little corner of the Steampunk world, my friends! I've been working on this project for quite awhile, and the innards are not yet finished since I am not sure exactly how I want to use this, but I am ready to share it. 

So, what do you say to taking an old encyclopedia and bringing it back to life, steampunk style? Let's get the cogs and gears turning and begin the transformation.

First step, I took a craft knife and cut into the binding and took out a lot of pages - the book was just too heavy. I learned that cutting into the binding makes other pages fall out too, so I had to go back in and try to fix that problem with some adhesive. 

My favorite part of this project was making the cover! I started out by adhering and wrinkling deli paper with gel medium to the book cover, then once that dried, painting it with black gesso. 

Now, the fun begins with creating a metallic looking cover! I started with the DecoArt Deep Turquoise and Apple Green, brushing it into areas of the cover, then just when in and used my fingers.

Added a metallic sheen with the Ice Blue and Rich Espresso Metallic acrylics - starting to build the patina.

I felt it still needed depth, so added my fave - Quinacridone Gold, and used the Carbon Black mister.

Final touch, add highlights to the wrinkles with the Gold Rush Lustre. I worked it in with my fingers to really get it into the cracks.

So now that I have transformed an old encyclopedia into a treasure book, time to add all the fun ephemera to my cover! Hot air balloons flying by gears and cogs, bits and baubles, and a time ring. Hmm, maybe hidden inside this book are the instructions for time travel? You can only imagine!


Here's a peek into the innards of the tome...found some wacky photos to use!

Perhaps a different Wheel of Fortune than we know?

You think I don't but...I know! What?? What do you know??

When traveling through time, one must have a place to keep notes and receipts, so I had to make a few pocket pages to keep things in. 

So, did you come across the time travel instructions? No? Ah, good, I have hidden them well!

Please join us in our challenge at Sandee and amelie's Steampunk Challenges this month, and remember, anything steampunk or industrial is what we are looking for. I love seeing the amazing and imaginative ideas you all come up with! 

Thanks so much to our sponsors who keep the gears turning at SASPC!


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