Tuesday, December 13

Wanderlust 2016: Wrapping up in my Art Journal

I have a few pages left in my Wanderlust 2016 art journal, and wanted to add in a few more journal pages, both from prompts as well as where I am right here, right now so to speak. 

This has been an unbelievable year for me art wise! I've participated in several online courses, and attended an art retreat - all wonderful opportunities. I am so glad I came across Wanderlust and signed up, because it really has been an amazing year long journey with so many fantastic artists from around the world!! Thank you so much Kasia and Jamie for the tremendous work I know you put in behind the scenes!!

So here we go, a few of my final pages....

Sharing part of this page...

This was fun combining stamping, background and gelli print papers from previous play, and cutting out pieces from a magazine. 
I do love this statement "Give yourself one perfect moment, every day, where everything balances out."

Kind of a take on scrabble, but trying to create words that related to the course. Originally I wanted to have a lot of white space, but as you can see, I find that really hard to do! I pulled out several of the Everything Art stamps to use on this, as well as mark making with pens. 

I stamp Art Foamies from Nathalie Kahlbach onto my page and then layered on this gelli plate page I made previously while working on another project. One thing I learned with these is, I really need to just set up play time and make fun background papers that I can pull out to play with! It really makes a page come together quickly when you just don't have a lot of time to work. And...I need to have one drawer to keep them all in so I can find them! 

I have just a few more blank pages to work with, then I want to paint my cover, and I will have a complete year long course and most of the art I have made for the classes between those two covers.   I will be sure to share the grand finale with you...my goal is to complete it by the end of this year, so I will be ready for 2017!


  1. All these pages are wonderful! I really like all of them a lot! Now I regret not having put enough effort into my Wanderlust book - I only did a few pages. Looking at yours, I'm inspired to do more next year!

    1. Thanks so much for all of your support this year, Zsuzsa! We will have to continue to share throughout Wanderlust 2017!


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