Wednesday, February 15

Steampunk Heart under Pressure!

We have a special theme for February for our steampunk challenge, and that is to use your NEW STASH/FORGOTTEN STASH. I used both!! My new stash included Carabelle Studio and Impression Obsession stamps I'd been saving to use, and the awesome duck tape my son gave me for Christmas. I found some forgotten chipboard from BoozyBear when I was decluttering my "studio."

My original plan was to make a steampunk tag using the heart stamp, but it evolved into using parts of the tag and a canvas board, and lacing it up to hold in that heart under pressure! 

Here is my "triptych" opened up. I challenged myself to work outside of my color palette and go into the pink - maybe I should call this "SteamPink."

I started by using a palette knife and adding a thick gesso layer to the canvas and tag, then I went in and added texture by placing the knife into the wet gesso and lifting. I let this dry overnight. 

Ok, going in with the pinks and interference paints - oh my! Can I really do this?

Ok, toning it down a bit with highlights of silver. 

I knew I needed contrast or I would go into pink overdose, so I used teal on the flaps, and by mistake, some of the pink was still on my worktable and got onto the blue. I liked it, so added more! 

I used the teal and silver to paint the chipboard, and laid it all out, along with some metal gears and such after I did some stenciling. 
Think about everything a heart does from pumping blood through our bodies to holding in all the love we get and give. How could a mechanical heart do all this? Only under a LOT of steam pressure to keep it working!!

I added the images I stamped on deli paper (heart, handle, saying) onto the canvas and tags. Originally, I was going to keep the flaps simple, but then found my Impression Obsession Gears stamp, and of course, had to start stamping those all over. Not to stop there, oh no, I found a date stamp and added Feb 14 all over, and dots. 

Here's a TIP: to lace embroidery floss or twine through small holes, wind a bit of tape around the ends to give a bit of stability (like shoelaces) - so much easier!

Just like corsets lace up and "hold the heart in" I wanted to add this element to my piece, so punched holes up and down the flaps and laced them up. All I can say is, I am so thankful corsets are not fashionable today!!

I was looking for a way to attach the flaps to the canvas, and pulled out this cool duck tape I got for Christmas. It turned out to finish off the back beautifully.

"The heart has its reasons, which reason knows not..."

I had a lot of fun creating my Steampunk Heart with Corset, using up forgotten items from my stash, and new goodies. Now, its time for you to dig into your stash to create something steampunk/industrial and share with us this month at SASPC! 


Also Andy Skinner's Industrial Elements stencil

Thanks to our awesome sponsors who keep the gears turning!!


  1. i am not a fan from pink, but your work look so amazing.
    I love the Carabelle Stamps, i have the same and in this color combination it is truly a stunning inspiration.

  2. This is such a great stamp, Maura,

    and you have put it to such fantastic use! Love that corset and I am with Alexa - you even made me love pink. lol

    Claudia xxx

  3. Wow - now THAT is amazing. Makes me giggle to think you had to tie it up like a corset to keep the explosive brilliance intact Maura! j.

  4. Maura Your heart is perfect, thank you for tthe tuto.

  5. Pink is not my color, you know, but you used is in a way so unusual! Love your project, Carabelle stamps are fantastic! Barbara


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