Friday, March 31

Crushing on Color!

I just spent a wonderful long weekend playing with color and learning from two awesome teachers - Nathalie Kahlbach and Birgit Koopsen!  We were in Syracuse NY and it rained all weekend, but really, who cares when you are playing! 

The workshop was organized by Shelley Graham Turner of Ooak Artisans, and keep an eye out for more to come from her! Here is what we each had awaiting us at the table...

Our fearless leaders getting organized for the day....

So, when the weekend is all about color, where do you start? With a color wheel of course! Nat and Birgit explained color theory and then set us loose!

We had a wonderful lesson on the de Ploeg group of artists in the Netherlands and then tried our hand in their style. I really wasn't sure about this at first, but it turned out to be imaginative and a lot of fun! 

Lots of play time using the gelli plate and making prints, playing with stamps and stencils that Birgit and Nat brought, paint, and color, oh those lovely bright colors!

Not much space left to work...I really am a messy artist!

And, we even made our own stamps! Loving it!!

What do you think? Big Bang? Neurons? Lightning?

Gathering to learn more...

Who knew you could create such awesome designs on the gelli plate....

And then make your own giant "washi" tape! I am in color heaven!!

We bound everything into our own book, and started to add details with stamps and stencils. I have lots of play time ahead to finish this up - what a fantastic book it will be when I finish!

pages in progress...

I had such a creative weekend playing with color with Birgit and Nat! Thank you both so much for sharing your talents with us!! I enjoyed the company of a wonderful (international) group of women, and am grateful my art friend, Linda, could join me. Thank you Shelley for organizing this amazing weekend! I know we all crushed on color this weekend!!


  1. What a lovely blog post Maura! Thank you so much for coming, it was great finally meeting you in person. So happy you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did! Hopefully we meet again some day! x Birgit

  2. Great summary of our fabulous, colourful weekend! It was great to meet you, Maura, hope our paths will cross again!

  3. Nice recap of a fun weekend. Your journal pages are a delight.

  4. Great summary of our weekend, I learned a lot, too. I have a new respect for the potential of the gelli plate. Hope our creative paths will cross again.

  5. Awe- what a wonderful blog post! Thank you so much for coming - it was wonderful seeing you again!! It was so much fun and I hope we will meet some time again <3 Nat

  6. Beautiful article!!! It's just reminding me how much fun we had !!! 😊😊😊


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