Thursday, June 15

Old Crow Medicine Show

Hello friends! Last month, I shared my project inspired by a song from the group called "Old Crow Medicine Show", so this month I am sharing what I created from the music group's name. With a name like that, how could my imagination lay low?

Thinking about Old Crow Medicine Show had me thinking of two things - first of all, I was imagining the old traveling medicine show, where the medicine man/snake oil salesman would travel around in an old wagon selling remedies to cure everything and anything, or so they claimed. The second thing I thought of was, it sounded like a radio show - so what did I do? combined the two ideas into my project!

I dug into my stash and found bottles of all sizes, shapes and colors and filled them with glittery bits, because crows like to collect bright shiny objects. I also wanted it to look like an old chemist/medicine shop.

I stamped these great bottle images from Graphic 45 for the background.

First layer of color - Distress Oxide in walnut stain.

Second layer - my fave - Quinacridone Gold.

The back of my radio (Prima TV Altered Frame) opens, and I covered it with black gesso, then laid the Industrial Elements stencil onto it and rubbed off some of the gesso with a baby wipe. 

I used the same stencil with Prussian Blue Hue to add in some surface design. Then, using Ranger black archival ink and Andy Skinner's Unexplained and Skuldoggery stamp sets, I added in another layer.

I decided to try and make it look more distressed with Patina Green Antiquing Cream, then scratched in with the Prima tool, and rubbed in a bit of Payne's Grey.

I decided to tone it down a bit with a white wash. I mixed tinting base and Titan Buff with a bit of water, brushed it on and wiped some off.

First layer in the back - the bird skull came from this neat set of postcards a friend gave me.

The tiny bottles are glued into place...

Now, it's time to make my crow. Honestly, I am not sure how much it looks like a crow, but heck, artistic license or some such thing.  I used Crayola Modeling Magic to make it.

I used black gesso underneath, then wanted to get a glossy iridescent look like you see when you look at the feathers. I used Metallic Lustre in Copper Kettle, and Black Shimmer, Ice Blue Metallic, and Carbon Black and Turquoise Shimmer misters. 

Here's how I figured out a way to put my bird to get it to dry - my shelf with my dancing hula girl who always keeps me company in the "studio". 

Now for the details! Back of the "radio" - I was thinking about how some of those so called remedies that were sold probably did more harm than good.

Dug into my stash of old junk parts to add this little light bulb which fit into this neat pronged piece. 

I also found an old knob, so why not add another one - turn the volume up!

...and here is the mix of remedies and cures that are being pawned off.

I had to give my crow a steampunk look, so added gears for feet, and found old mechanical bits and bobs to add in.

I just noticed the bird flying in the far left of my photo - maybe it's a crow coming to the show!

I am so inspired by steampunk - it really lets my imagination soar freely. I hope I've inspired you to join us this month for our Steampunk/Industrial challenge at SASPC. The work you have been doing in this genre is mind boggling amazing - keep it up!!

Thanks always to our fantastic sponsors who keep the gears turning at SASPC!

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  1. Fabulous Maura, love your amazing idea from an old medicine show in a radio and your crow is so very creative with all the gears! and Thank you so much for your continued support! Sending you big hugs my friend! xoxo


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