Saturday, June 17

What Does a Gal with a Gelli Plate do?

I had a beautiful summer day recently, and had to try out my new DecoArt Premium Acrylics and some new Neons I had recently gotten. So, I packed everything up, took it out onto my deck, and laid down a big sheet of paper on the table, and started playing. I wanted to try to make my own washi tape with the gelli plate. 

I started by laying down some Dina Wakley Media tape onto a sheet of deli paper.

Using my gelli plate and a brayer, I added the first layer of lovely blues and greens. I am loving the new Premium paints - very smooth!

Adding in a stamped layer with one of Nathalie Kalbach's Art Foamies.

A cosmetic sponge and neutrals work beautifully with some Carabelle Studio stencils to add another layer. 

Decided to try out my Neons and add in a bit with these masks. (Carabelle Studio)

Time to pop it up with some bright white and the flower stencil. (Carabelle Studio)

I used a lot of the same materials to make this gelli print on a piece of deli paper.

I used some of my washi tape for an art journal page. I will have to come up with a way to use the strips left on the deli paper too.

I also monoprinted a number of sheets of paper, since it was such a lovely afternoon to be outside, and I wanted to try out my new paints. I added some stamping on these sheets.

Some stenciling on these....

...and combined my prints into an art journal page along with these great book stamps from Darkroom Door and a bit of Quinacridone Gold.

Here is the full page, which I made for my Wanderlust 2017 class. My idea was to make the washi tape look like book shelves (for the most part). As you can see, I combined paper I mrnoprinted with the washi tape.

I will definitely set up my "outdoor studio" on the deck on another lovely day this summer, and get out my gelli plate and paints to play - I highly recommend it!! 

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  1. Wow...I learnt such a lot from your post, thank you. So enjoyed reading how you did it. Great layering, great techniques and such fabulous inspiration...Thank you x


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