Thursday, February 22

Wanderlust 2018: Floating Castles

Floating Castles

I was inspired by Jamie Avery's class in Wanderlust 2018 to try painting a castle, and decided to follow my imagination.

I was thinking about the floating rocks from the movie "Avatar" and started by trying to create three of them using acrylic paints and a palette knife. I wanted to build my castle on top of one of the floating rocks, and ended up with a large castle and a small one. 

Once I had my rocks built with several layers of colors, I sprayed the entire sheet and dabbed in some watercolor to create my cloudy sky. I let that dry, and began to build the castles with the palette knife, using several colors to create depth, and then I went in with red to create the illusion of roofs.  I also dabbed in greens to add some vegetation. 

Well, I couldn't hold back from going in with the pen and adding details to the castles and vegetation. 

I am having fun painting with a palette knife instead of brushes, and know I want to try out some more ideas using this technique. 

Thanks Jamie for sharing your ideas,. I still want to try my hand at painting a castle with watercolors. I'm going to dig into my photos and find one to try it with. 

I hope you've enjoyed my imaginary castles in the air! 
Thanks for stopping by, Maura

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  1. These are so magical, Maura! Loved the floating rocks in the Avatar movie, but the ones from Dragon Hunters even more ;) Yours look so beautiful!

    Claudia xxx


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