Wednesday, July 29

Total Surprise

I just happened to be surfing the internet checking out the latest products from the CHA (Craft and Hobby) summer show that is going on in Orlando this week. I like to check out the sites that show photos from the show so that I can keep up with all the new products being released. While in the process of clicking on various links to sites, I stumbled upon The Everyday Scrapper.

(click on photo for link)

As I was scrolling down the front page, there was a post that talked about camping. Since my husband and I are big campers and a lot of what I scrapbook about are our camping trips, I was very interested. I scrolled further and this appeared....

To start your camping documentation, why stick to a regular page in an album? Wouldn’t it be fun to use a cute little lined, printed notebook as a camping journal? You could jot down thoughts on camping while there and add embellishments and photos once you’re home. These ones are cute:

This cute little trailer mini album would do the trick, by the aptly named Campfire Designs. (click on photo for link)

That's my little camper scrapbook from my little Etsy shop!!! I can't tell you how excited I was that someone liked my scrapbook enough to link to it on their blog. It was a total surprise and made my day.
And...there will be more of these little scrapbooks going in the shop shortly.

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  1. Wow Sheila! You must have been surprised to see someone else touting these cool little books!


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