Monday, August 3


I have been on the road for the last few days with my son on my way to see Sheila and my family in Ohio! Good reason for not hearing from me, right? ...besides the fact that I have not had access to a computer for several days. Now that I have arrived, the fun we picked up two identical notebooks from the book store that we plan to alter and turn into our "blog idea books." Part of our visit is brainstorming upcoming ideas for the blog and planning some posts for all of you - just wait until you see what two creative, crafting sisters can come up with!
Keep on crafting!


  1. Hi Maura, Hi Sheila!! Have a great time. I'm so happy you two are together. Enjoy every minute. I can't wait to see what awesome ideas you come up with. You two are naturals at this blogging thing!!

  2. I hope the two of you have the best visit ever! I'm waiting for the results....

  3. Hi Tara and Michelle! Thanks for thinking of us - miss you! We should have lots to share soon....Maura


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