Saturday, April 10

Special card for a special neighbor

I thought that I would share the birthday card I made for my neighbor. The birthday cake takes up the entire front of the card, so I needed a different way to add the sentiment. I used a torn vellum envelope so that the image would peek through and added the button for a bit of detail. The torn envelope makes for a cute pocket. She's celebrating her 75th birthday so I wanted to make it special.

Stamps: Whipper Snapper Design


  1. I love this Sheila! I'm sure your neighbor will be honored by your efforts and make her birthday all the more special!

  2. Funny thing about the card...I snuck it in her mailbox a day early. Well,she called to thank me and told me that the 9th was actually her birthday and her birth certificate had the wrong date of the 10th but her mother never changed it! So, I actually got it to her on her big day!

  3. Hey Sheila - I wrote that original post April 10, 2010 @ 8:36 a.m. Funny that it says Sheila....


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