Thursday, June 10

...and there is more

(I warned you that my Bind It All was getting a workout). I made these little notepads out of Starbucks coffee sleeves. It is a good thing that I collect all things coffee--sleeves, gift cards, etc. since they have been showing up as crafts lately.


  1. Wow! I am just amazed at all the ways you come up with to reuse items in a completely new way! I LOVE them! Your creative juices are flowing!!

  2. OK, I have to get mine out :) I love what you have done. Just one question.The pages in the Starbucks covers ??? Are they cot on an angle??

  3. Nancy,

    Yes, I cut the inside pages to match the covers. I made a cardboard template of the cover and then used it to cut around 3-4 pages at a time using scissors. It goes a lot quicker while watching TV! Just be sure to keep them in the right direction when you go to punch them.


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