Sunday, June 13

What's inside your tool caddy?

I love my Making Memories Tool Caddy that is always within reach on my craft table. I thought that I would share some of the favorite tools that reside in it. These are my "go-to" items that I use about every time that I sit down to craft. (Hint: buy it at a craft store with a 40% off coupon.)

Favorite Scissors: Fiskars Spring Action type--my hands never get tired anymore when I do a lot of cutting. I love these!

Current Favorite Adhesive: Tombow Mono Dots Adhesive Permanent--these can get pricey with the way that I seem to go through them, but I really like the dot tape runners. This one never gets gunked up like others I have used. I have tried to go cheaper, but I always regret it, so I buy these refills in bulk now.

Favorite way to distress: Tim Holtz Sanding Block--I like the size of this grip and the fact that it is comfortable in my hand. I just replace it with strips of sandpaper from my husband's stash in his garage. It's cheaper and I haven't notice any difference whatsoever.

Favorite Stapler: Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher--these are just so darn cute! The staples are about 1/4" and perfect for attaching items.

Favorite Brad: Basic Black--I go through these way too quickly. I like them as accents, in flower centers, as eyeballs, etc. You can never go wrong with little black brads.

Favorite White Pen: Stampin' Up Uni-Ball Signo Gel Pen--the only white pen I have found that writes well and does not skip ink. Love it! Looks great on Kraft colored cardstock also.

Favorite Background Noise while crafting: Paperclipping Roundtable--I've mentioned this site before and I anxiously await each new episode. It's just like having a few friends over to craft and chat.


  1. I see we have many of the same favorite tools there sister! I must say I like my Tim Holtz scissors better than the ones you show (which I also have and use). I love my white pen and all the fun things you can do with it.
    Thanks for sharing some great ideas!

  2. I also really like the tim holtz scissors and have tried many different ones even the spring loaded and like tim holtz. My only complaint is that the tip does not cut very fine. My favorite tape rummer is the glue gliger pro. nice size with a fair amount of adhesive on a role and it sticks well. the white pen is the only one I will use.

  3. OK Tim Holtz scissors are in my tool caddy but seem to go unused. I am going to give them a good try with my next craft project and see what you all are taking about! Thanks for the comments!


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