Tuesday, June 1

Crop Mini Album

I've been doing some reorganizing in my craft room and came across this mini album I made of a crop that I went to with Maura. I used a Kolo book for this one and kept it very simple.

The book already had pages with protectors, so I just used them. I made 4x6 journaling blocks with the date written vertically on the left. This left me lots of room to write.

Then I used my Making Memories Slice die cutting machine to cut out thought or journaling bubbles to place directly on the page protectors. Same idea all the way through to keep it uniform.

I was done in no time!

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  1. Sheila,
    What a simple and easy way to make a mini book. Your idea of keeping the same layout throughout would make it go really fast. I like it - brings back some good crop memories!


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