Thursday, June 3

Memorial Day Photos

So, just what do you take photos of?

Sometimes it is easy to choose, and other shots take some thought. Memorial Day is a time to remember those people who lost their lives in service to our country and us. Some great shots might be the parades winding through cities and villages. It might be a photo of the flag or bunting on a house. It might be a child dressed in red, white and blue. Many images evoke this day.

Another aspect of your photos might include events from the day. My family met up with my sister and her husband. We found this great hot dog place in Syracuse, NY (Heids), so of course, I had to get a hot dog shot - look around you for the details to focus in on. Right next door, they have an ice cream spot, so here we are with our ice cream, and the birthday cake we brought along to celebrate my sons' birthdays in May - a more traditional people shot.

Keep your eyes wide open, and your camera ready - you never know when a fun photo will appear!

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